Bauder Roofing Systems Installation Process

BauderSolar Installation Process on Flat Roofs

Bauder designs BauderSOLAR flat roof systems for constructing solar photovoltaic arrays on Bauder flat roofs with bitumen or single-ply roof membranes. The installation involves securing the BauderSOLAR mounting unit with a membrane sleeve welded to the roof membrane. Photovoltaic modules are then attached using sprung module clamps with locking pins. BauderSOLAR is adaptable for both south-facing and east-west arrays.

  1. Positioning the Baseplates (roofer): Begin by plotting and measuring the baseplates (3). Ensure accurate placement according to the array design.
  2. Attaching to Roof Surface (roofer): Place waterproofing membrane sleeves (2) over each baseplate and weld them into position. The large attachment footprint ensures stability. It secures the entire array even in extreme weather.
  3. Install the Substructures (PV Plus): Position the substructures (1) over the mounting plates and lock them into place (4,5,6).
  4. Place the PV Modules (PV Plus). Install PV modules onto the substructure mounting system. Secure them with a tool-free fixing method.
Bauder mounting component

PV Plus completes the installation by wiring the panels and inverters. They commission the system and complete all MCS and G99 requirements.

Bauder BioSolar Installation Process on Green Roofs

Bauder BioSOLAR G2 is designed for projects that need a combined green roof and solar PV solution. This innovative system relies on the green roof substrate and vegetation to serve as the ballast. This eliminates the need for extra ballast or the need to penetrate the waterproofing for securing the units on the roof. This approach maximises available space for vegetation. It also ensures seamless integration of both green roofing and solar PV components. For optimal results, Bauder BioSOLAR is recommended to be paired with our BauderFlora 3 seedmix. This carefully curated seedmix includes drought and shade-tolerant herb and wildflower species. It is suitable for roofs with a fall of up to 5°.

  1. Placing the Mounting Boards (roofer): Position the mounting boards in alignment with the array design. Use DSE 40 drainage board to address gaps between boards and around the perimeter.
  2. Installing the Railing System: The base rails (2) are fitted first (roofer). PV Plus will then secure the v-shaped and carrier rails into position (3, 4, 5)
  3. Incorporating Substrate and Vegetation (roofer): Pour the substrate into the mounting board. Introduce vegetation as per the specified desired finish.
  4. Installing the PV Modules (PV Plus): Secure the PV panels to the carrier rails using clamps.

PV Plus concludes the installation by wiring the panels and inverters. PV Plus commission the system and complete all MCS and G99 requirements.

Bauder roofing system diagram
Bauder roofing system components part 1
Bauder roofing system components part 2

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